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Pitch Controlled Tapping Machine
This machine is used for basically punching & straightening the sheet metal strip for different lengths. There are four main parts of the machine Hydraulic Press, Feeder, Straighter & De-coiler.
  • User friendly enter the job data in P.L.C
  • Precise tolerance in length cutting. Servo motor is used for feeding the strip
  • Hardened ground Roller used in Straighter for straight the strip
  • Gear mechanism used for better power Transmission


Design Solution
The solution was a ruggedly constructed Moving head CNC milling machine equipped with the heavy duty spindle, Precision Linear Motion Guide ways and frictionless Ball screws. Controller cabinet based on C.N.C. system and Servo drives to accommodate all electrical and electronic controls required for the movements and operations of the machines.

icon Main Features
  • Press Structure made of stress relived Mild Steel plate weldment
  • Hydraulic Cylinder is used for smooth & frictionless movement
  • Servo motor is used for feeding the Strip
  • Pneumatic cylinder is used for holding the strip
  • Hardened guide way is use for guiding the strip
  • Directly coupled gear box 60 1:20 with driver roller for better power transmission
  • Gear motor speed adjusts to A.C drive
  • P.L.C programming is done according to customer requirement



The Machine ...

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