About Us

Sukrit is a word which means ‘Good Work’; derived from Sanskrit ‘Su’ meaning ‘Good’ and ‘Krit’ meaning ‘Work’. Sukrit stands for quality and commitment and our motto is “Realizing your Ideas into Machines”. Sukrit’s strength lies in understanding the requirement of the customer and its ability to combine the inter-disciplinary skills of mechanical, electronic and software engineering to solve advanced manufacturing problems. We are committed to ensuring our customers achieve their manufacturing goals by providing the optimum of present day technology.

Sukrit started as a builder of small machines for bearing and valve parts in 1999. The principal products at this time were automatic turning machines and multi-spindle drilling and tapping machines. This basic background of building special purpose machines has been instrumental in providing the foundation of Sukrit being a machine tool builder rather than just an assembler of purchased components.

With the advent of standard CNC controls and the increasing demand for CNC machines in India, Sukrit migrated to making stand alone CNC machines. It started with CNC turning centers in 2002 and advanced to special purpose CNC turning and milling machines. Knowledge to design and manufacture these machines was gained over years of dedicated hard work of our engineers and their zeal to learn all the aspects of machine tool building. Sukrit is also one of the few Indian machine tool builders with ISO 9001-2000 certification.

At present Sukrit is a full line machine tool builder and a key supplier for tailor made machines to different industry segments namely, automotive, bearing, sports, hand tool and construction industry, to name a few. Its machines are sold and serviced throughout the country by a team of dedicated and skillful engineers who remain the core strength of Sukrit.